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Instructor downloads

Several tools, templates and online resources can be provided to students at each phase of the project.

Project phaseRessource
Introduction to systems thinkingA free online course in systems thinking at
1 : What’s the problemIllustrated instructions for the problem statement
A PowerPoint template to help write the problem statement
2 : Tell the storyIllustrated instructions for the systemic story
A PowerPoint template to help write the systemic story
3 : Model the problemIllustrated instructions to reveal the systemic structure
A PowerPoint template to help model the system
A checklist to auto-evaluate the quality of the model
4 : Look for leversIllustrated instructions to identify leverage points
A list of leverage points described by Dana Meadows
A PowerPoint template to help identify the system’s leverage points
5 : Design an action planInstructions and a worked illustration on how to use the social innovation matrix
An evaluation grid for all deliverables and the final report
Resources available for download by instructors